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SEMA 2023

Absolutely thrilled about our experience at the 2023 SEMA Show! From the exciting reactions to our Bead Bazooka demos to forging connections with incredible individuals, we’re deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of this year’s event.

We unveiled 4 new products at the show this year:

Off-Road Kit: Our off-road kit includes essential tools and accessories tailored for off-road adventures, ensuring safety and convenience in any terrain. Included with the kit is a Gaither off-road backpack, a Jack the Mech tool, 3/4” X 20’ Renegade kinetic rope, Gaither swiss force multi-tool, Gaither work gloves, and a Gaither tire repair kit.

TRAC Roller Plate: The addition of the TRAC Roller Plate allows the user to move the wheel assembly horizontally to find the stud holes without lifting the heavy wheel and inflated tire.

Fast Lock Jack Block: The Fast Lock Jack Block sets out to make lifting vehicles much safer. This tool is designed to turn the user’s jack into a jack stand itself.

GT Force Wheel Weight Tool: The GT Force tool replaces the hammer, with one hooked ‘removal’ end, and the other notched ‘applicator’ end equipped with a magnet.

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